Case Report

Temple Reconstruction with the Bilobed Flap


  • Mehmet Oğuz Yenidünya
  • Hojjat Mostoufi

Received Date: 02.05.2023 Accepted Date: 12.09.2023 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2023;76(4):378-381

There are a few reports on the reconstruction of the temple region, and it is funny that when you write a keyword for a literature search, it is the historical temple reconstructions that exist. There were 21 patients with temple defects in our archives. Among them, only the cases reconstructed with the bilobed flap were included in this study. Eight of the patients were operated on under local anesthesia; only one patient received general anesthesia (n=9). The base of the flap was always selected facing with the superficial temporal vessels. All of the patients’ pathological diagnoses were malignant skin tumors including Basal cell carsinoma (n=5) and squamous cell carsinoma (n=4). The results of the repair were satisfactory with respect to color match and texture. The bilobed flap should be kept in mind when searching a skin and subcutaneous tissue reconstructive technique on the temple region.

Keywords: Temple, Skin Cancer, Reconstruction, The Bilobed Flap

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