Case Report

Pseudotumor Cerebri Syndrome with Isolated Complete Oculomotor Nerve Paralysis Without Papilledema


  • Esra Eruyar
  • Oktay Banlı

Received Date: 15.05.2021 Accepted Date: 04.07.2023 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2023;76(4):369-372

Pseudotumor cerebri syndrome progresses with headache, papilledema, pulsatile tinnitus and sixth cranial nerve palsy, but some cases may present with atypical presentation findings. In these patients, the diagnosis is suspected with magnetic resonance imaging findings, and this diagnosis can be made with further examinations after alternative diagnoses have been ruled out. Even if it progresses with atypical findings, the diagnosis of pseudotumor cerebri syndrome should be kept in mind in suspected cases and further investigations should be performed. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent complications. This case is remarkable because it is pseudotumor cerebri syndrome with atypical findings.

Keywords: Pseudotumor Cerebri, Third Nerve Palsy, Without Papiledema

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