Invited Paper

Professional Liability Insurance for Nurses


  • Nasibe Kıvrak
  • Emrah Emiral
  • Nergis Cantürk

Received Date: 03.06.2021 Accepted Date: 25.04.2022 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2022;75(2):154-161

Health is one of the human rights that can be achieved with the participation of nurses. Nurses take part in every process in delivering health services that cannot be delayed or neglected. While performing their professional activities, nurses, like all health workers, may encounter erroneous medical practices in delivering health services. It is crucial for nurses to know their job descriptions, communicate effectively with the patient, take care of obtaining the patient’s informed consent, provide documentation, and take measures such as continuing education in order to prevent malpractice. However, despite these measures, nurses face allegations of malpractice, carelessness, and unconcern. Some developments regarding the legal responsibility of nurses have paved the way for the emergence of the concept of professional liability insurance. In this context, economic protection will be provided to nurses, injured patients, and their relatives with the professional liability insurance of nurses. The purpose of this review is to draw the attention of legal professionals that there is a need for professional liability insurance, which will be a shield of protection, considering the alleged malpractices of nurses, and that this need is a practice requirement rather than a demand.

Keywords: Nurse, Occupational Liability Insurance, Medical Malpractice

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