Research Article

Perceived Stress and Burnout in Dentists Working in Different Workplace in the COVID-19 Pandemic


  • Hatice İkiışık
  • Esmehan Ayşit
  • Mustafa Çakır
  • Işıl Maral

Received Date: 21.12.2022 Accepted Date: 07.04.2023 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2023;76(2):108-115


We aimed to evaluate burnout, stressful situations in dentists and the factors affecting them according to their workplace during the coronavirus diseases-2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

Materials and Methods:

The data of this descriptive study were colledted via the Google Forms web survey platform between November-December 2020. The survey composed of socio-demographic information,work-related variables perceived stress scale-4 (PSS-4), and Maslach burnout inventory (MBI).


Three hundred and twenty-five dentists participated in the study (94.2%). In the evaluation of the MBI the median value for the emotional burnout sub-dimension score was 22 (15-28), the median value for the depersonalization sub-dimension score was 9 (5-12), and the median value for the sense of personal accomplishment sub-dimension score was 21 (18-25). The median value of the participants’ PSS-4 score was 9 (8-11). Emotional burnout and depersonalization sub-dimension scores of dentists actively involved in COVID-19 were higher and personal sense of accomplishment scores were lower than those of dentists not actively working (p<0.001). PSS-4 score was higher than those not taking active duty (p<0.001).


It was determined that those who worked actively during the epidemic, experienced more stress, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization and had a lower sense of personal accomplishment. In the ongoing epidemic, new steps should be planned to improve the mental and physical health of dentists.

Keywords: Dentist, Burnout, Stress, Contact Tracing, COVID-19

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