Case Report

Pediatric Mandibular Myxoma: Imaging Findings

  • Mert Demirel
  • Banu Yağmurlu
  • Murat Emiroğlu
  • Serdar Mehmet Gültan

Received Date: 06.03.2007 Accepted Date: 23.03.2007 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2007;60(2):88-92

Myxoma is a relatively rare benign tumour found mainly in the adult population which tends to be located in left atrium. Pediatric age and facial bone involvement are very infrequent. Myxomas are locally aggresive, expansile tumors with a slow growing pattern. Other space occupying lesions of the maxillofacial region may cause diagnostic difficulty since the imaging findings are not spe-sific. Consequently histopathological evaluation is required for the final diagnosis. On the basis of locally recurrent potential of the lesion, aggresive wide resection is usually the choice of surgical treatment. Enucleation and curretage with short-interval follow-up is also suggested. Patient’s age, lesion location and dimentions, history of recurrence and relation with the neighboring ana-tomical structures are the indicators to choose the type of treatment. Herein, imaging findings of a pediatric mandibular myxoma are described and radiological differential diagnosis is discussed.

Keywords: Myxoma, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, pediatric