Case Report

IgG4-Related Disease with Mandibular Mass and Cyst: A Case Report and Review of the Literature


  • Mehmet Oğuz Yenidünya
  • Betül Dumlu
  • Ülviye Yalçınkaya

Received Date: 16.02.2022 Accepted Date: 26.07.2022 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2022;75(4):590-594

A 57 years old male patient came to our clinic with the complaint of limitation in mouth opening. There was a cystic tumor in his left mandible. A surgical approach was planned for the cyst. During the operation in the region of the masseter muscle, somewhat abnormally rigid tissues were observed. Three big tissue samples were taken from there. The histopathological diagnosis of the patient was reported as IgG4-related disease. There-upon oral corticosteroid was started on the patient without any other surgery. The patient was under control for 2 years and he is fine. It was wanted to be shared considering that it is very important to keep in mind the pathologies associated with IgG4, as it prevents the patient from an unnecessary hemimandibulectomy.

Keywords: Mandibular Tumor, IgG4-Related Disease, Surgical Procedure, Steroid Treatment

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