Invited Paper

Elder Abuse and Neglect in Turkey


  • Şengül Erden
  • Hayat Boz

Received Date: 15.08.2018 Accepted Date: 18.12.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(3):100-105

Senility causes many problems. One of these problems is abuse and neglect of elderly. Abuse and neglect is a serious and complex problem that affects the health and quality of life of the elderly. Especially older adults who have mental disorder, dependence others to meet basic needs or have depression or patient constitute the risk groups. Elder abuse and neglect include physical, psychological, economical, emotional, sexual, caregiver neglect and elderly people’s own neglect of themselves. Because of shame and fear of stigmatization, the elderly who face this situation often cannot report the abuse and exploitation they have been exposed to. Abuse and neglect are preventable societal problems that influence elderly individuals physically, spiritually and socially. It is important to know the signs of neglect and abuse, and risky groups in avoiding abuse and neglect of the elderly. Educating people about abuse of the elderly, providing social support for dependent old people, encouraging treatment and counselling to cope with familial and personal problems that lead to abuse of persons, organizing in-service trainings in this area can help health workers to prevent abuse and neglect.

Keywords: Elderly, Abuse, Neglect, Protection

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