Research Article

Distribution of Ministry of Health Global Budget according to Diagnosis Related Groups


  • Okan Özkan
  • İsmail Ağırbaş

Received Date: 26.04.2018 Accepted Date: 09.11.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(3):163-171


The aim of this study is to calculate case mix index values obtained for hospitals affiliated to Ministry of Health in context of the Diagnosis Related Groups data for the year of 2015, to determine the amounts which has to be received from global budget by calculating outpatient and inpatient incomes with respect to outpatient data and relative value produced by these hospitals, and to compare with the amounts received from the global budget in 2015.

Materials and Methods:

This study is a retrospective study of descriptive type. In the study, 665 hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health data of 2015 diagnosis related groups, global budget amounts, and outpatient data were analyzed in the Excel program to calculate the hospital case mix index values and the amounts received from the global budget according to the relative values they produced and medical examination numbers of the hospitals.


Mean case mix index of these 665 hospitals included in the study was calculated as 0.97. According to the service roles of the hospitals, the mean case mix index values were found to vary between 0.72 and 1.22. It was determined that 274 (41.2%) out of 665 hospitals analyzed in this study actually needed to receive more amounts, while 387 (58.2%) out of 665 hospitals needed to receive less amounts when compared to the amounts they have received from the global budget in 2015. As it was impossible to determine the exact amounts received by 4 (0.6%) hospitals from the global budget in the study, they could not be compared with the amounts obtained at the end of the calculation.


In the study, it was determined that the A1 and A1 branch hospitals’ mean case mix index values were above 1, and that all hospitals in the E1 service role were needed to receive less amount than the global budget. It is proposed that the Ministry of Health’s global budget should be distributed to hospitals based on the Diagnosis Related Groups, and the global budget should cover all public and private health institutions.

Keywords: Global Budget, Diagnosis Related Groups, Case Mix Index

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