Case Report

Cavenous Involvement in a Paint with Multiple Myeloma


  • Buket Tuğan Yıldız
  • Deniz Tuncel
  • Nursel Yurttutan
  • Şerife Çöklü

Received Date: 03.05.2018 Accepted Date: 28.05.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(3):268-270

Multipl myeloma is a systemic disease with neoplastic proliferation of plasma cells. Cavernous sinus involvement is rare in multipl myeloma. The role of imaging with MRI to exclusion of involvement is great because the cavernous sinus can be evaluated very well by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our case, a seventy seven-year-old female patient, applied to our policlinic with visual disturbance in the left eye. In the neurological examination of the patient; left eye was inside in the primer position, bilateral external view limitation was present marked in the left eye and downward view limitation was present in the left eye. Patient’s brain MRI showed patchy and nodal signals in the frontoparietal lob borderzone area may be compatible with infarct and causing asymmetric enhancement of the left cavernous sinus and expanding soft tissue lesion was detected. The patient was evaluated as multiple myeloma-associated left cavernous sinus involvement and the patient was directed to oncologic treatment center to re-evaluate her oncologic therapy. Since cavernous sinus involvement is rare in multiple myeloma, we found this patient worthy to present.

Keywords: Myeloma, Cavernous Sinus Involvement, Ophthalmoplegia

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