Research Article

A Comparison of Open and Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy Results in Adolescents


  • Nilsun Kuas
  • Ergun Ergün
  • Merve Bülbül
  • Gülnur Göllü
  • Ahmet Murat Çakmak
  • Meltem Bingöl Koloğlu
  • Aydın Yağmurlu
  • Ufuk Ateş

Received Date: 20.04.2021 Accepted Date: 07.01.2022 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2022;75(2):248-252


Varicocele occurs as a result of abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform plexus. Widely accepted treatment options are open or laparoscopic surgery and other interventional procedures. In this study, it was aimed to compare the results of the patients who underwent open and laparoscopic varicocelectomy.

Materials and Methods:

Children who were operated with the diagnosis of varicocele between 2006 and 2020 were included in the study. Children were divided into three groups according to different surgical methods such as laparoscopic surgery, open surgery with loop magnification and open surgery without loop magnification. Follow-up and treatment records of the patients were reviewed retrospectively. Charts of the patients were reviewed in terms of age, preoperative complaints, physical examination findings, radiologic imaging methods, operation method and postoperative outcomes.


When the surgical techniques applied to the patients are examined; open varicocelectomy was performed in 18 patients and laparoscopic varicocelectomy was performed in 15 patients. Postoperative subclinical or clinical recurrence was detected in eight patients, hydrocele in four and hematoma in one. There was no significant difference between the outcomes of open and laparoscopic varicocelectomy techniques in terms of recurrence. Postoperative hydrocele was observed in four (26.6 %) of the patients who underwent laparoscopic varicocelectomy. Hydrocele was not observed among the patients who underwent open varicocelectomy.


There is no significant difference in terms of recurrence and complications in children who underwent open and laparoscopic varicocelectomy. The use of magnification in cases who underwent open varicocelectomy may reduce the rate of recurrence. Large series of randomized controlled prospective studies are needed for further comments.

Keywords: Varicocele, Laparoscopy, Varicocelectomy

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