Research Article

The Importance of Using ACR-TIRADS Scoring System and Bethesda Classification System Together in the Diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer


  • Serhan Yılmaz
  • Hakan Bölükbaşı

Received Date: 21.09.2020 Accepted Date: 12.10.2020 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2021;74(1):134-138


We aimed to emphasize the importance of using the Bethesda system and ACR-TIRADS scores together in thyroid cancer (TC) cases.

Materials and Methods:

Patients who underwent total thyroidectomy with a pre-diagnosis of multinodular goiter and TC were retrospectively analyzed. Demographic data such as patient age and gender and nodule size were recorded. The ACR-TIRADS scores of the patients were evaluated according to the preoperative Bethesda categories.


A total of 241 patients were included. The mean age was 46.68±12.62 years and the female/male ratio was 205/36. The mean nodule size was 24.33±15.7 mm. Of the 6 patients in the Bethesda 1 category, 2 (33.3%) were reported as TR4 and 1 (16.7%) as TR5. Of the 46 patients in the Bethesda 2 category, 13 (28.3%) were reported as TR4, and 2 (4.3%) as TR5. Of the 49 patients in the Bethesda 3-4 category, 17 (34.6%) were reported as TR4, and 1 (2.0%) as TR5. Of the 16 patients in the Bethesda 5 category, 11 (68.8%) were reported as TR4 and 1 (6.3%) as TR5. Sixty-one (49.2%) of 124 patients in Bethesda 6 category were reported as TR4 and 13 (10.5%) as TR5.


The main purpose of using the ACR-TIRADS reporting system is to determine the malignant potential of thyroid nodules and to help determine the treatment strategy in cases with benign biopsy results. The results of this study support the use of two methods to help in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules.

Keywords: Thyroid cancer, Bethesda, ACR-TIRADS

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