Research Article

Surgical Treatment Outcomes of Our Patients with Chronic Subdural Hematoma: A Review of Seventy Six Cases


  • Vural Hamzaoğlu
  • Hakan Özalp
  • Emel Avcı
  • Celal Bağdatoğlu
  • Ahmet Dağtekin

Received Date: 16.08.2018 Accepted Date: 05.11.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(3):251-255


Chronic subdural hematomas (CSH) are generally the intracranial hematomas seen in the middle and elder aged group. The hemorrhage is formed as a result of stretched parasagittal bridge veins due to cerebral atrophy. The patients’ outcome that underwent surgery because of CSH was investigated in our clinic.

Materials and Methods:

Seventy-six operated CSH patients were included to the study in the University of Mersin, Faculty of Medicine between 2008 and 2016. The patients were divided into two groups with the drainage of burr-hole and craniotomy and evaluated in terms of clinical outcome retrospectively.


There are 52 male, 24 female patients with the mean age of 64.8 detected in the group. The most common initial symptom at admission is headache (52.6%). The head trauma was reported in 28 (36.8%) patients. The use of anticoagulant drug in 18 patients (23.6%) and also at least one comorbid disease in 38 patients (50%) were detected among CSH. The most common localization for the hematoma was left fronto parietooccipital in 26 patients (34.2%). Burr-hole in 65 (85.5%) patients, craniotomy in 11 (14.5%) patients were performed for the evacuation of the CSH. The mean thickness of all the hematomas was detected as 22.0 mm and the mean midline shift was measured as 6.8 mm. The complication rate was 26.6% in the group with burr-hole whereas it was 0.9% in the group with craniotomy. The mortality was 4.6% (3 cases) in the burr-hole group, 18.1% (2 cases) in the craniotomy group.


The choice of surgical treatment modality was still controversy in the management of CSH that leads to morbidity and mortality which is most commonly seen in elder patient group. While the complication rate was being resulted as high in the group evacuated with burr-hole, the mortality was particularly high in the group with craniotomy.

Keywords: Chronic Subdural Hematoma, Burr-Hole, Craniotomy

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