Research Article

Retrospective Evaluation of Clinicopathological Consistency of Skin Biopsies in Adult Patients


  • Gül Aslıhan Çakır Akay
  • Fatma Gülru Erdoğan
  • Haldun Umudum

Received Date: 08.11.2018 Accepted Date: 25.12.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(3):207-211


Skin biopsy is a diagnostic tool that dermatologist often use in the differential diagnose. However depending on many factors sometimes it may be insufficient for definitive diagnosis. In this study it is aimed to evaluate retrospectively the clinicopathological compliance of skin biopsies from adult patients who applied to our dermatology outpatient clinic.

Materials and Methods:

Two hundred thirty three patients who have been performed skin biopsy and pathological examination over 18 years were included. The compliance between the pathology result and the each preliminary diagnose were evaluated. Statistical comparison was done in terms of age, gender, biopy site between groups with and without clinicopathological compliance.


Clinicopathological consistency ratio was determined as 89.7%. When dermatoses were classified clinicopathological consistency was detected with first prediagnose in 154 patient, with second prediagnose in 77 patients, with third prediagnose in 41 patients and with fourth prediagnosis in 11 patients. Consistency between pathological diagnosis and first, second, fourth prediagnose was revealed mostly in papülosquamous disease group and consistency between pathological diagnose and third prediagnose was revealed mostly in dermatitis group. No statistically meaningful difference was detected between gruops with and without clinicopathological consistency in terms of age, gender and biopsy type.


In the light of our study findings, clinicopathological consistency seems to be high especially in papulosquamous diseases. We think that this compatibility can be improved in all dermatoses by using the skin biopsy method more effective with cooperation of clinician and pathologist.

Keywords: Clinicopathological, Biopsy, Dermatopathology

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