Research Article

Oxidative And Inflamatory Damage Of Aluminium Suplhate On The Liver Of Term Ross Broiler Chick

  • Emin Oğuzhan Oğuz
  • Hayati Yüksel
  • Havane Enli
  • Yaşar Enli
  • Onur Zorbozan
  • Zuhal Can
  • Günfer Turgut

Received Date: 24.12.2007 Accepted Date: 15.07.2008 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2008;61(1):1-6


To show histological and biochemical effects of toxic dose Aluminium Sulphate injected on the day 1 in the liver of term Ross broiler chicks.

Materials and Methods:

Fertilised Ross broiler chicken eggs which reached term were divided into three groups and experimental group were injected by 1000 mcg/0.1ml saline into their air chambers. Sham group eggs were injected by saline only and control group eggs were not appli-ed anything. After incubation, at term, on the day 21, surviving chicks were sacrificed, livers taken and histological and biochemical investigation were performed. A lobe of the livers were Hema-toxylen Eosin stained and observed under light microscopy. Other lobe of the livers were used to determine Malondialdehyde (MDA) and Gluthation (GSH) levels.


First time in term Ross broiler chicks, in experimental group, massive in liver inflama-tory changes, sinusoidal impairment and hepatocyte specific pathologies were seen under light microscopy examination. As an oxidative damage indicators tremendous MDA level increase and GSH level decrease were observed. In sham and control groups normal liver histology and normal MDA and GSH levels were observed.


In experimental group, toxic dose Aluminium Sulphate injected into the air cham-bers of Ross broiler chicken eggs on the day 1 showed massive histological inflamatory damage and increased MDA and decreased GSH levels at term chick livers.

Keywords: aluminium toxicity, liver, histology, biochemistry, Malondialdehide, Gluthation