Case Report

Maxillary Sinus Osteoma: Case Report


  • Gözde Orhan Kubat
  • Caner Şahin
  • Özkan Özen

Received Date: 08.06.2018 Accepted Date: 09.07.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(2):197-199

Osteoma in maxillary sinus region is a benign osteoblastic lesion that can be observed very rarely in literature. When osteoma get big enough, it may cause obstruction in maxillary sinus ostium, compression symptoms at surrounding structures; if osteoma is small, it can be asymptomatic. The lesion may be followed if the case is asymptomatic, or treatment with surgery is done if the case is symptomatic or when a complication is occurred. We presented an osteoma in the maxillary sinus osteoma in the light of existing literature here in.

Keywords: Osteoma, Maxillary Sinus, Paranasal Sinus Diseases

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