Invited Paper

Laparoskopik Kolon Rezeksiyonları

  • Hatim Yahya Uslu

Received Date: 18.09.2006 Accepted Date: 28.09.2006 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2008;61(1):32-35

This is a review about laparoscopic colorectal treatment of benign and malignant colorectal dise-ases. Our aim to encourage the application of this method of treatment. We collected data from Medline by using key words like colon, treatment, and laparoscopy. We found out the articles of concern and we evaluated them. As a result we find out that laparoscopic resection for colon dise-ases is a safe an advantageous to classic treatment we applied by trained hands.

Keywords: colon, laparoscopy, colon cancer, resection