Case Report

Facial Contour Operations For Female To Male Transexulism: A Case Report

  • Mert Demirel
  • Savaş Serel

Received Date: 13.02.2010 Accepted Date: 25.10.2010 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2010;63(1):38-40

From women to men transexualism is a rare clinical condition in Turkey. However, in our clinic we face these kind of cases rarely. Most prominent wishes of these patients are genital sexual reconstruction. Mastectomy operations and contour correction operations will follow it. In this case a 32 year-old female(male) patient whose genital and breast surgery reconstructions have been completed, was examined. In our clinic attempts were made to repair the facial contour, and a conclusion was reached based on the patient’s request. To create a masculine face , there are some dots to be considered. A non- arc nasal dorsum, distinctive chin and mandibular corner, prominent supraorbital region are some of them. In this study we rewieved facial region contour applications for female to male tran-sxual cases.

Keywords: Transexualism, Lipoinjection, Medpor