Research Article

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Ankara Haymana Thermal Center Applicants: A Cross-sectional Case Study


  • Aysun Genç
  • Aslı Tok Özen
  • Birkan Sonel Tur

Received Date: 20.07.2019 Accepted Date: 23.07.2019 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2019;72(2):161-166


Based on Ankara Haymana Thermal Centers, We questioned the availability of these data in the configuration of the centers by determining the purpose and manne r in which the balneotheraphy centers are used by the people of our country.

Materials and Methods:

In this descriptive study, a face-to-face questionnaire was applied to 110 people who came to the spa center for different reasons and accepted the study.


It is detected that of the 102 volunteers who completed the study, 63 were women and 39 were men. The mean age was 57,9±13,4 years (min-max:22-84), the average length was 163,8±8,1 cm (min-max: 145-183) and the mean weight was 77,1±12,5 kg (min-max: 40-109) 72.5% (n=74) of the volunteers had a diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders and 34.3 (n=35) had a mean of 1.05±2.61 times (min-max:1-20) for various reasons. They stated that they received physical therapy in the centers for the treatment of their diseases and they did not receive balneotherapy. Volunteers come to the center with an average of 11.7±10.8 (min-max: 1-45) times, they enter the water 2±1.1 (min-max: 1-4) times a day and the average time they spend in the water is 36.5±26.6 min (min-max: 5-90 min). It was determined that 62.7 of the volunteers did not undergo a health check before coming to the center. Among the reasons for preference of the spa center, the most powerful indicator (n=76, 74.5 ) was determined as the healing of water.


In order to analyze the reasons of patient preference and use it as an effective treatment method in the structuring and operation of the balneotherapy centers, it has shown that modern spa treatment principles should be implemented in an integrated way by applying the principles of modern spa treatment.

Keywords: SPA Treatment, Haymana SPA Centers, Balneotherapy

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