Research Article

Comparison of Cemented and Cementless Hemiarthroplasty in the Treatent of Proximal Femoral Fractures


  • Recep Öztürk
  • Şefik Murat Arıkan
  • Burak Atalay
  • Emre Özanlağan
  • Mehmet Akif Şimşek
  • Galip Beltir
  • Özgür Irak

Received Date: 04.12.2018 Accepted Date: 04.12.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(3):256-259


In this study, we aimed to compare effects of cementless and cemented calcar-replacement hemiarthroplasty used in the treatment of proximal femoral fractures in elderly patients, on mortality.

Materials and Methods:

A total of 167 patients with proximal femoral fractures between 2012 and 2015 were included in the study. Cemented hemiarthroplasty was performed in 64 (38.3%) (group1) and cementless hemiarthroplasty in 103 (61.7%) (group 2) patients. The patients were evaluated at postoperative week 3, then at 3rd, 5th and 12th months, and subsequently at yearly follow-ups.


During follow-ups, 26 patients in group 1, and 31 patients in group 2 died. The most common local complication was superficial infection.


There was no significant difference in mortality during postoperative follow-up between the patients treated with cementless hemiarthroplasty and those treated with cemented hemiarthroplasty for proximal femoral fractures seen in elderly patients.

Keywords: Cementles hemiarthroplasty, Advanced age, Intertrochanteric femoral fracture, Mortality

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