Case Report

Ablation of a Lymphangioma That Arose From Tongue by Radiofrequency

  • Samet Özlügedik
  • Ali Titiz
  • Yavuz Fuat Yılmaz
  • Selahattin Genç
  • Adnan Ünal

Received Date: 02.09.2007 Accepted Date: 29.09.2007 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2008;61(1):39-41

The lymphangiomas are benign hamartomatous tumors of the lymphatic vessels. The most frequent localization of these tumors is head and neck region. However they are rarely found in oral cavity. Lymphangiomas are different from hemangiomas and they do not undergo spontaneous involution. Since the risk of postoperative recurrence is high, more conservative methods such as sclerotherapy, embolization, and ablation with laser or radiofrequency are commonly preferred. In this case report we present a lymphangioma that arose from the dorsum of the tongue and causes deformity in the tongue together with speech disturbance and present its management with radiofrequency.

Keywords: lymphangiomas, tongue, oral cavity